February 6th, 2016

On February 6th, 2016 a few friends and I took one of the greatest trips that I have been on in a while. We left from Bellevue, Washington around 9:00am to set out on a journey that I'll never forget.

First we pulled off at one of my favorite stops to snag some shots on a snowy road, right before the Snoqualmie pass. Here's a few photos from our first stop! (Otis is always the life of the party!)

After this quick stop we then headed over the pass! Thankfully it wasn't too treacherous and we made it over with no problems. We then found ourselves stopping on the side of I-90 to snap some photos of a lake and I snagged these gems of Maria and Otis atop Tanner's car!

After a couple of hours in the car, and a taco bell stop, we found ourselves at what looked like a tree farm, and I was able to get some awesome captures there as well! At this point we were in Eastern Washington and it was completely flat for as far as the eye could see, so the tree farm was a bit of relief!

Next stop THE PNW BUS! After our quick stop to stretch our legs at the tree farm, it was off to The PNW Bus. We arrived about mid afternoon and were lucky enough to be the only ones there. It was such an honor to finally witness such a huge piece of iconic history and to finally have the opportunity to photograph it! Here's some snaps of our awesome time at the bus! I took some portraits with my new FD to EF adapter and used tanner's 50mm 1.4 and the results were awesome!

To top off this amazing adventure, Palouse Falls. We arrived at about 2:00pm and I'll never forget the beautiful sight of Palouse Falls when I first saw it. We immediately made the decision to hike to a better lookout (Definitely the sketchiest hike I've done). After roughing it on some hard terrain and some steep rocky slopes, and Tanner giving me anxiety from how close to the edge of the cliffs he was getting, we finally made it to the best viewpoint and I snagged some awesome photos of Charlotte and Otis!

I just wanted to thank my friends for being some of the best friends anyone could ever want, You guys made this trip so memorable for me and I can't thank you enough for that. Until the next adventure...